Picture yourself this winter sitting by a roaring fire…

GasGuys Professional Woodburner Installation

Don’t just trust anyone, get a professional from GasGuys to install your new log burner!

With the introduction of mandatory low emission fires (with the exception of some rural properties) at the end of 2018, dealing with the appropriate council and negotiating your way through the labyrinth of by-laws and regulations, can be an absolute nightmare. So why not call GasGuys to take that headache way!

Talk to us about your plans for a woodburner. We can do the whole installation for you from permit through to final installation, or we can fit the woodburner you supply.

  • Arrange for permit

  • Supply the woodburner

  • Professional Installation​

*complimentary quotes only apply to installations not repair of gas services breakdown as time is required to diagnose the problem​

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